Titanium Alloy Grade 12 has outstanding corrosion resistance and a combination of high strength and low density, with good ductility. Small additions of nickel and molybdenum have been made to this alloy resulting increase in corrosion resistance and high strength. It is particularly suitable for use in mildly reducing conditions, or where conditions vary from oxidising to reducing. It is particularly resistant to crevice corrosion in hot brines.

Highly weldable, near alpha titanium alloy exhibiting improved strength and optimum ASMA code design allowables at increased temperatures, combined with superior crevice corrosion resistance and excellent resistance under oxidising to mildly reducing conditions, especially chlorides.


Grade 11 alloy is used in the following application areas:
  • Shell and heat exchangers
  • Hydrometallurgical applications
  • Elevated temperature chemical manufacturing
  • Marine and airfare components

In Forms Of

Pipes & Tubes

Round Bars

Sheets Plates Coils


Pipe Fittings



Flat Bars

Filler Rods