The mechanical properties of commercially pure titanium alloys are influenced by the presence of small amounts of oxygen and iron. Grade 1 unalloyed Ti (“Pure”) 35A alloy contains the lowest oxygen and iron levels, thereby making this grade the most formable of material. This alloy has the highest purity.

Grade 1 is known to possess excellent resistance to mildly reducing to highly oxidizing media with or without chlorides, high weldability, good impact toughness, excellent room-temperature ductility. It is nonmagnetic.


Grade 1 unalloyed Ti (“Pure”) 35A alloy is used in the following application areas:
  • Navy ship components
  • Food processing/pharmaceutical
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Anode/cathode/cell components
  • Hydrocarbon refining/processing
  • Pulp/paper bleaching/washing equipment
  • Desalination, brine concentration/evaporation
  • Hydrometallurgical extraction/electrowinning
  • Medical implants/devices, surgical instruments
  • Consumer products such as watches and eye glass frames

In Forms Of

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Sheets Plates Coils


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