INCONEL® alloy 690 is a high chromium content version of INCONEL® alloy 600 with excellent resistance to many oxidising acids and salts and some resistance to sulphidation at elevated temperatures. The resistance in Nitric acid plus hydrofluoric acid mixtures lends itself to pickle shop duties. However the superior stress cracking resistance of the alloy caused it to supercede INCONEL® alloy 600 in steam
generation nuclear reactors for piping, separators and weldments. More recently the alloy has superceded INCONEL® alloy 601 as the material of choice for metal dusting environments, which in conjunction with INCONEL® alloy 693 have created an excellent engineering material for the latest designs of compact reformers and Fischer -Tropsch syngas generation units.


  • Tail-gas reheaters used in nitric acid production
  • Coal-gasification units
  • Glass vitrification equipment for radioactive waste disposal
  • Incinerators
  • Furnaces for petrochemical processing
  • Burners and ducts for processing sulfuric acid

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